Comfort Zone
Mixed Media Installation (Oil on Canvas, Oil painting stop-motion animation, ready-made items)
2018 A Level H2 Art Coursework Submission
This work is an exploration of the home setting as a comfort zone. The display of photographs, memories and memorabilia that are plastered around the house evoke a sense of calmness and security as they welcome one home from a long day of stress and uncertainty. The home is a constant that we always go back to and we find comfort in the familiar environment. This work also reflects psychological implications of the discomfort of change and the desire for something constant. There is also a certain sense of uneasiness to part with treasured keepsakes as I explore our relationships and attachments to personal objects. This work also reflects my personal thoughts and emotions of feeling like I have stayed the same since I was a child.
There are 11 frames in total, 2 of which are monitors which display my animations, and the rest are black and white photographs, with the figures representing myself painted in oil.
This animation was done using oil paint as I wanted it to flow together with the rest of the images on the wall, as well as to experiment a combination of traditional and new media. This video conveys the comfort we seek in our food choices. Since I was young, I've always loved noodles and it was my comfort zone. There are five settings reflected in the video - home, food court, restaurant, while travelling overseas, as well as in Indonesia, where I grew up. In these places there are many food choices, especially when travelling to unfamiliar places. However, I still choose to stick with my favourite food noodles because of the discomfort of change.
This video encompasses the ideas about growing up as a physical process but the inner identity remaining as a constant since young. Birthdays symbolise growth and change, but I wanted to capture how some things never change, including traditions of celebrating birthdays together with my family. The sound in the background is the sound of the fan in my house. It is a constant noise in the background when everything else is silent; a sound that subconsciously made me feel comfortable in my home. It was inspired by Bill Viola's discovery of the 'under-sound'
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