Punchinello is a brand that I built together with my friend, Esther Tang, during our long break after completing our GCE A Level Examinations in 2018. I, being a craftsman since young, had lots of polymer clay and tools to spare, and was inspired to create polymer clay accessories.
We started this project in February 2019, when we decided that we wanted to do something different and meaningful in our holidays. Inspired by Max Lucado's book 'You Are Special', we named our shop after one of the characters, punchinello, a puppet who struggled with self-confidence as he was constantly mocked and ridiculed by other puppets because he was different. Through the story, punchinello was then able to find self-worth in not what others say of him, but believing in what his creator, Eli, says of him - that he is special and he was made with no mistakes.
Just like how punchinello is made wonderfully and uniquely, we believe that every individual is designed in a special way by our Creator. We want our uniquely created handmade products to serve as a reminder to our customers that every one of us is indeed special.
I designed the logo and mascot for the brand to convey the message that we want our brand to represent, as well as reflect the story that we were inspired by.
Our pop up booth at MOX Parade on 17-19 May 2019 @ School of The Arts (SOTA)
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