Rat Race!
physical board game, 2020
Beat your peers to the golden cheese and stay ahead in the rat race! Battle your colleagues to get that promotion you’ve been working for, energize yourself with a jug of caffeine, spend all day and all night working and never stop -- but at what cost? Dive into the hustle and bustle of Mouse Island, home to the world’s biggest cheese industries, and make a name for yourself. Do you have what it takes to survive the rat race?
Rat race is a four-player board game which is a satire on the 'rate race culture'. The goal of the game is to acquire the most number of points at the end of the game, through a series of challenges, decisions, and luck. The game comprises of materials such as company ID cards, crackers (game currency), cheese slices, chance and VS cards, as well as golden cheese cubes.
Chance cards will make or break your career.
Players earn points through collecting cheese slices and golden cheese cubes throughout the game. Cheese slices represent dreams or aspirations, with a value in crackers stated on the bottom right corner of the card. Some cheese slices are personal to a character and would earn the player more points.  
Players can strategically move around the game board, as there is no 'start' or 'end'. The board itself is a loop, to represent the repetitive cycle of the rat race.
The play area is not only confined to the game board itself, as players would have the opportunity to use the space in the room through collaborating and competing in mini games when they land on the VS tile.
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