High school portfolio, 2019
I created this work for my RISD Assignment for my application for the fall 2019 semester. Out of the three prompts, i chose 'error'.
'System Error' is a commentary on society from my personal point of view. During my commute around the city, I enjoy people-watching. One thing that I always notice is the lifeless expressions on the different faces on their way to 'fulfil their purpose in life'. The emptiness and fatigue in their eyes has led me to perceive us as a soul-less generation. Our daily life becomes a mere routine, which after a while loses direction and purpose. These people are there physically, but they seem to be spiritually absent. Their souls wandering in another dimension where they live a better life - finally happy and free from the chains that bind them. Perhaps it is my religious perspective that burdens me to see how people live such purposeless lives; stuck in an endless cycle of going through the motions, working themselves to death to meet unattainable expectations, seeking temporary fulfilment. The train carriage has another significance, inspired by Andy Stanley's 'principle of the path', which states "direction, not intention, determines our destination". Our intentions and aspirations may be good, but when we go the wrong direction, we end up in the wrong destination. Like a train journey, if we want to be somewhere else, we need to change our path. I decided to portray this concept through a digital animation as I wanted to experiment further with the digital platform, and also because the word 'error' reminds me, first and foremost, of technology.
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