This is a panorama of my home, depicting three different scenarios which each represent different opacities. This was part of the GCE O Level Art coursework that I did in secondary school with the topic 'Opaque, Transparent, Translucent'. I chose to approach this with the idea of expressing intangible feelings or thoughts as different opacities. As a child, innocent and unsuspecting, transparent and vulnerable to the world. As I grew up and met more people I start to realise the inherent evil in people, and hold myself back a little, becoming translucent. There was also a period of my life where I struggled with the demons in my head and shut other people out, implying opacity. These are three different 'life stages' in my life portrayed in the same room. The transparent glass-like figures represent my current self looking back and reflecting how I have transitioned to different 'opacities' at different points of my life.
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